Privacy Policy

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL wishes to inform the users of the website about its policy regarding the treatment and protection of the users’ and customers’ personal data that is gathered when they visualise the site or use the services offered on it.

Personal data is understood to be any numeric, alphabetic, graphic, photographic, acoustic or any other type of information concerning identified or identifiable persons.

The gathering of personal data and the posterior treatment and use of it is subject to current legislation in Spain regarding personal data protection as establish in the Organic Law 15/1999, of the 13th of December, about Personal Data Protection (herein after LOPD) and its complementary norm. RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL will only be responsible for and guarantee the confidentiality and security of the personal data that the user facilitates through the website, having no responsibility whatsoever regarding the treatment and posterior use of the personal data that may be carried out by third party service providers in the information society that act outside the website.

When is the users’ personal data gathered on the website?

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL informs its users that personal data gathering may be carried out, mainly, by sending an e-mail to, as long as you always include some personal data in it, and through the forms that RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL will include on the website in the future and in those that RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL is identified as being responsible for gathering data facilitated through them.

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL informs the users of the website that they will be given prior warning about the facultative or compulsory nature when filling in all the requested data.

If you do not wish RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL to submit your personal data for treatment, we ask you to refrain from filling in the forms on the website. In any event, you will be expressly and clearly informed about the conditions under which your personal data is gathered and the purposes for which it will be used, about the obligation to facilitate it or not, about the user’s rights, about the conditions that may be exercised and about any other complementary information that may be necessary.

Treatment of personal data will be understood to be those operations and technical procedures, of an automated nature or not, that allow for the gathering, recording, conservation, elaboration, modification, blockage and cancellation, as well as the cession of data that arises from communications, consultations, interconnections and transfers.

Purpose of personal data gathering and treatment.

Regarding the personal data gathered by e-mail and/or filling in the forms on the web, the purposes of the treatment will be the following: answer your communiqués; attend to your request for information; include you in the contact list, facilitate future commercial relationships or manage currently existing commercial relationships, carry out the necessary communiqués through you, send necessary documentation or requested information, as well as keeping a history of the commercial relationships and communiqués.

Data issued to RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL must be accurate and up-to-date.

If the user is a minor or incapacitated, RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL cautions that the consent of the parents, tutors or legal representatives is required to issue personal data, therefore RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL requests that if there is no consent from the parents, tutors or legal representatives, please refrain from using the e-mail service and/or filling in forms as RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL is not liable or responsible for the acts of the minor or incapacitated person.

User’s rights such as being the owner of his/her personal data, RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL informs the user of his/her rights under the LOPD. The user may, at any time, know that his/her data has been gathered and treated by RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL about his/her person and may; rectify information that is not exact; cancel said data or oppose its treatment, this last right limited to the cases in which your consent is not required for the treatment of your data, as long as no law states otherwise, and when there are founded and legitimate reasons regarding a specific personal situation, or when the treatment of your personal data is carried out with advertising or commercial research purposes.

The user may exercise these rights by sending a letter, along with a photocopy of the National Identity Document or another legally valid means to accredit the user’s identification, to the following address: RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL, Avinguda de la Fustera, 1, 03720 Benissa, Alacant, or whichever one substitutes in the General Data Protection Register. The communiqué will contain the following information:

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL informs the users that exercising these rights is very personal and, therefore, only the user himself/herself may exercise these rights regarding the personal data to which he/she is the legitimate owner. However, in the event that it is exceptionally admitted, the user’s authorised representative may exercise the user’s rights, as long as this comes with the mentioned communiqué with the documentation accrediting such representation.

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL informs that the exercise of said rights by a third party that is not authorised by the user may mean the perpetration of a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets as stated in the second section of article 197 of the Civil Code, punished with imprisonment of between one and four years and a penalty of between twelve and twenty-four months; without prejudice to the other consequences that must be faced due to any other civil or administrative actions to which both the legitimate user who is the owner of the personal data and RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL have the right to.

Recommendations for the users

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL recommends the users to use the latest versions of computer programmes as these have greater installed security measures.

Likewise, RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL recommends the users to use the security mechanisms available to them (servers with secure Webs, cryptography, electronic signatures, firewall, etc.) to protect the confidentiality and integrity of their data to the extent necessary given that there are risks of impersonation or communication breaches.

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL reminds the users that the Internet is not always as secure as we would wish it to be and, therefore, they must adopt the required and suitable technical measures in order to prevent unauthorised treatment of their data.

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL warns the users that when providing personal information on the Internet through e-mail, news groups, discussion forums, etc., to bear in mind that this information may be gathered and treated for purposes not desired by the users, therefore, RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL recommends the users to get information about the confidentiality and privacy policies of the on-line sites they visit.

RENT A CAR GINER BENISSA SL warns the users to bear in mind that, except if they use encryption mechanisms, electronic mail on the Internet is nor secure. Mail messages and discussion forums may be the object of falsification and impersonation, which must always be taken into account when using them. If you do not want to publish your e-mail address, configure your browser so that it does not leave your e-mail address in the web servers you access.